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Currently we produce electronic newsletters for our Energy Sentry and Solid State Instruments divisions.  Our goal is not only to inform you about product development and company updates, but also to provide educational information and helpful tips. Below are some of our most recent topics.

Latest Energy Sentry News

graph of unregulated energy use showing peaks and valleys

Demand Control for Churches

What is Energy Demand Management?
Energy Demand Management involves regulating the rate of energy use so energy is used in a more efficient way. Many times a higher quantity of energy is used at a specific time during the day. This is referred to as a “peak” in energy use.

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Demand Calculations

This is your own personal cheat sheet for calculating demand (kW)

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Load Factor Calculations

Load factor, in essence, means efficiency. It is the ratio of actual kilowatt-hours used in a given period, divided by the total possible kilowatt-hours that could have been used in the same period, at the peak kW level established by the customer during the billing period.

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Latest SSI News

Pulse Data from AMI Meters now a Reality

This is a MPG-1 wireless meter pulse generator The MPG-1 wireless meter pulse generator integrates AMI smart meters with legacy KYZ pulse metering.

Many times in commercial energy management projects, it’s difficult or just about impossible to get KYZ pulses from the meter. This can be because of the proximity of the meter to the building, the cost or delay of getting a KYZ output installed, or any number of additional factors involved with monitoring energy use and demand. 

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New Metering Pulse Totalizers

This is a MPT-2C Metering Pulse Totalizer

This is a MPT-4C Metering Pulse Totalizer

This is a MPT-8C Metering Pulse Totalizer

Streamlined and More Versatile

Solid State Instruments is happy to announce an exciting improvement of our line of metering pulse totalizers. In order to take advantage of a faster and more flexible microcontroller, we are releasing the new MPT-2C, MPT-4C, and MPT-8C Metering Pulse Totalizers.

These new metering pulse totalizers will replace the previous versions of our MPTs, including the MPT-2, the MPT-2, the MPT-4B-PS, the MPT-4SB-PS, and the MPT-8B. In addition to streamlining our product offering, these new totalizers have standardized features with more capability, such as:

2-wire or 3-wire Inputs

Additive and Subtractive Inputs

Demand Information

2-Channel Outputs

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Latest PulseConnex News

Churches Monitor PV Systems with PulseConnex

Many organizations are looking to solar to provide relief from high electric bills, but with complicated net metering rates and data provided by the utility up to a month after occurrence, it can be hard to know how efficiently a solar PV array is operating. Since PulseConnex taps into pulse information directly from the meter, using PulseConnex with a solar PV system can provide visual confirmation of when a building is truly operating off the grid.

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