About Us...

Our History

President Bill Brayden has been in the demand control business since May of 1978.  At that time, he was fresh out of college and took a position at Horizon Technology in Fort Collins, CO, working as the company’s Production Manager for their newly developed demand control system.  In February 1990, after years of working to help improve the systems through various engineering projects, Bill was ready to take the next step and acquired the demand control product line founding Brayden Automation Corp.  All legacy demand control products such as Savergy and Synergetics were consolidated under the new Energy Sentry trademark that BAC uses today. There have been numerous hardware and software upgrades to improve the product line, enhance features, and expand the markets for BAC’s systems, given all the differences between rate structures of various utilities. 

Brayden Automation Corp. markets its demand control systems and software to residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and utility customers in the United States and internationally.  Major residential markets include Arizona, South Dakota, North Dakota, Virginia and North Carolina, with several minor markets in Colorado and Ohio.  Residential markets are limited by the availability of demand-based rates.  Currently, only about 15 utilities in the United States offer residential demand-based rates to their residential customers.  Unlike the residential market, every utility in every state has demand-based rates for commercial and industrial customers.  BAC also markets its products internationally in Canada, Mexico, Panama, and Uruguay.

Over the years, Brayden Automation has diversified its product offering to include both powerline carrier systems and pulse isolation relays.  In 1998, the company acquired the powerline carrier technology Southwood Electronics of Indianapolis, IN.  BAC repackaged the technology to be used with the Energy Sentry demand control systems and as a stand-alone system for general purpose control applications. BAC continues to market these products under the WireLynx trademark.  WireLynx systems use technology that communicates over existing wires within a building and is particularly important for commercial and industrial applications, where the ability to run wires is not always possible or economical.

In August of 2001, BAC acquired Solid State Instruments, Inc. of Denver, CO.  SSI is a manufacturer of pulse isolation relays and other pulse-related devices designed for utility pulse metering.  These devices are used to interface between demand control, SCADA, or other telemetry systems and the electric meters to acquire power use information.

Since 2005, Brayden Automation has called Loveland, CO home.  Loveland provides easy access to the Rocky Mountains for biking, hiking, climbing, camping, skiing, snowboarding and numerous activities that living close to the mountains offers.  Bill designed and built the new all-electric headquarters to be used as a demonstration building for use in engineering and testing new products, as well as providing a real-world demonstration site for the company’s products.

BAC continues to expand its dealer network across the country and works with electric utilities to spread awareness of this technology.  Demand rates are not widely known or understood, and as such, commercial utility customers are generally not aware of the opportunity for electric cost savings.  We will forge ahead in our efforts to educate on demand rates and the benefits of demand control, because our goal is to help you use energy more efficiently!

Our Mission

Our company mission can be summed up in 3 words:


High quality people, creating high quality products, that result in high quality performance for our customers.


By having complete confidence in our products, this ensures our customers receive equipment and service they can trust.


Committed to finding the best possible solution for our customers, and then creating a cost-effective product that yields desired end results.